Major: Computer & Electronics Tec at Blue Ridge Community College


The Associate of Applied Science in Computer & Electronics Tec is part of the Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician program at Blue Ridge Community College

Computer and Electronics Technology program is designed for people who seek employment or professional development in the areas of computer and electronics technology and is structured so that students need no previous electrical or electronics knowledge. An electronics technician can build, test, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production electronic components, parts, equipment and systems. These systems can be computer equipment, industrial instrumentation equipment, test equipment, micro-controllers and industrial control devices. Possible occupations for graduates are: Electronics technician, industrial electronics technician, instrumentation technician, consumer product repair technician, communications technician, computer network technician, and technical salesperson.

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VCCS Plan Code:731
CIP Code:15.0303

This Major is offered as