Physical Geology - GOL 105 at Camp Community College

Effective: 2022-03-31

Course Description

Introduces the science of physical geology through a comprehensive systems-based examination of Earth's structure, composition, rocks and minerals, landforms, geomorphology, and agents responsible for shaping and modifying its environments. Explores the origin and evolution of Earth's topographic and bathymetric features, geologic phenomena, and geologic hazards, resulting from plate tectonics. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course.
Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
4 credits

The course outline below was developed as part of a statewide standardization process.

General Course Purpose

GOL105 provides students with an understanding of Earth's structure, composition, geologic features and geomorphology. This course offers a comprehensive examination of the physical and natural world. Students will enhance their observational and critical thinking skills through the analysis and interpretation of physical and graphical data. This course introduces geologic concepts to broaden students' general knowledge and exposes students to future opportunities in this area of study.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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