Trucking (TRK) at Camp Community College

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TRK 101 - DOT Safety Rules and Regulations
Includes an intensive study of the Department of Transportation and state and local laws and regulations governing the motor carrier industry as applied to the professional operation of commercial vehicles.
Lecture 2 hours per week.
2 credits
TRK 102 - Preventive Maintenance for Truck Drivers
Focuses on the fundamentals of preventive maintenance and inspection procedures for gasoline and diesel powered tractor-trailers. Includes drivelines, brake systems, electrical system and accessories encountered by the professional truck driver.
Lecture 1 hour per week.
1 credits
TRK 198 - Seminar and Project
Requires completion of a project or research report related to the student's occupational objectives and a study of approaches to the selection and pursuit of career opportunities in the field.
May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits
TRK 199 - Supervised Study
Assigns problems for independent study incorporating previous instruction and supervised by the instructor.
May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits