Nursing (NUR) at Eastern Shore Community College

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NUR 108 - Nursing Principles and Concepts I
Introduces principles of nursing, health and wellness concepts, and the nursing process. Identifies nursing strategies to meet the multidimensional needs of individuals. Includes math computational skills, basic computer instruction related to the delivery of nursing care, introduction to the profession of nursing, nursing process, documentation; basic needs related to integumentary system, teaching/learning, stress, psychosocial, safety, nourishment, elimination, oxygenation, circulation, rest, comfort, sensory, fluid and electrolyte and mobility needs in adult clients. Also includes care of the pre/post operative client. Provides supervised learning experience in college nursing laboratories and/or cooperating agencies.
Lecture 1-5 hours. Laboratory 2-15 hours. Total 7-16 hours per week.
5-6 credits
NUR 130 - Physical Assessment and Basic Pharmacology
Teaches a systematic approach to performing physical assessment skills and basic pharmacological concepts. Includes basic principles of data collection and basic analysis using skills of interviewing and techniques of inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation. Principles of pharmacology include dosage calculations, major drug classifications, drug legislation, legal aspects of medication administration, drug action on specific body systems, and basic computer applications. Provides supervised learning experiences in a college laboratory.
Lecture 1 hour. Laboratory 6 hours. Total 7 hours per week.
Prerequisite: may apply at local level.
3 credits
NUR 135 - Drug Dosage Calculations
Focuses on apothecary, metric, household conversion in medication dosage calculation for adult and pediatric clients. Provides a practical approach to learning to calculate and prepare medications and solutions. Includes calculating intravenous flow rates.
Lecture 1-2 hours per week.
1-2 credits