EDU 286 - Multimedia for Online Distance and E-learning (MODEL) at Reynolds Community College

Course Description

Effective: 2016-08-01

Provides students an opportunity to identify, create, and implement multimedia in an e-learning course. Covers an introduction to multimedia, the ASSURE model of instructional design, various media formats, screen design and user friendliness, storyboards and storyboard development, multimedia development, assessment creation, and incorporating multimedia into Blackboard.
Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to certify faculty for creating multimedia content for use in online courses. Those enrolled in MODEL will learn how to develop the skills and discover the tools needed to create multimedia content that supports their instructional goals and improves course quality. Students will complete a course design project that will require them to develop a multimedia component for a learning unit they plan to teach online. The multimedia component will be created using a variety of accessible tools and implemented using Blackboard. All aspects of the project will adhere to the ASSURE Model and Quality Matters Rubric.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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