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PSG 101 - Polysomnography I
Surveys the dynamics of normal and abnormal human sleep and the practice of sleep diagnosis and treatment. Studies methods of acquisition, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders. Includes the practice in the use of polysomnographic equipment. Familiarizes students with medical terminology, instrumentation setup and calibration, recording and monitoring techniques, documentation, professional issues, an patient-technologist interactions related to polysomnographic technology.
Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 0-3 hours. Total 3-6 hours per week.
3-4 credits
PSG 103 - Polysomnography Record Evaluation
Presents the general principles of analyzing and scoring polysomnographic records. Studies sleep staging, recognition and analysis of various abnormal respiratory and neurophysiologic events, and recognition and elimination of artifact. Includes scoring and analyzing raw data for the purpose of generating full reports.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
PSG 164 - Polysomnography Clinical Procedures I
Offers a practicum in a functioning Sleep Disorders Center. Provides practice in patient set-up, machine calibrations, equipment usage, Nocturnal Polysomnographs, BiPAP and CPAP Titration Trials, and patient education under the supervision of Polysomnographic Technicians. Co-requisite: PSG 103.
Clinicals 16 hours per week.
4 credits
PSG 190 - Coordinated Internship
Supervises on-the-job training in selected business, industrial or service firms coordinated by the college.
Credit/practice ratio not to exceed 1:5 hours. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits
PSG 205 - Anatomy, Physiology, and Advanced Principles of Sleep
Provides a concentrated study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology essential to the practice of polysomnography. Presents the physiology of the nervous, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems and basic pharmacological principles. Explores the pathophysiological differences between adult and pediatric sleep disorders.
(4 Cr.) Lecture 4 hours. Total 4 hours per week.
Prerequisites: PSG 101, PSG 190, and PSG 195 - Introduction to the Science of Sleep Medicine
4 credits
PSG 205 Detailed Outline
PSG 207 - Current Issues and Trends in Polysomnography
Provides an opportunity for students to explore topical areas that reflect the current issues and trends in polysomnography.
Credits 2. Lecture 2 hours. Total Contact 2 hours per week.
2 credits
PSG 207 Detailed Outline
PSG 220 - Pediatric Polysomnography
Introduces pediatric sleep technology, including indications for the pediatric polysomnogram, scoring the polysomnogram, and event recognition. Includes a review of electrode placement, the extended EEG montage for optimal pediatric polysomnography, childhood parasomnias, consequences of disturbed sleep, CPAP titration, and infant sleep studies.
Credits 2. Lecture 2 hours. Total Contact 2 hours per week.
2 credits
PSG 220 Detailed Outline
PSG 295 - Topics In
Provides an opportunity to explore topical areas of interest to or needed by students.
May be used also for special honors courses. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits
PSG 296 - On-Site Training
Specializes in career orientation and training program without pay in selected businesses and industry, supervised and coordinated by the college.
Credit/work ratio not to exceed 1:5 hours. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits
PSG 298 - Seminar and Project
Requires completion of a project or research report related to the student's occupational objectives and a study of approaches to the selection and pursuit of career opportunities in the field.
May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits