CST 114 - Survey of Mass Media at Northern Virginia Community College

Course Description

Effective: 2014-01-01

Examines the history and current understanding of mass communication. Covers print media (newspapers, magazines, and books), electronic media (radio, television, film, the Internet), advertising, public relations, and mass media theory, research, and ethics.
3 Credits. Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to historic and current examples of the media and media products in order to discover media influence on our society and the individual. Through a variety of methods, which may include lecture, discussion, small group work, projects, etc., students will explore media within the context of history and the modern world in order to learn the social, economic, cultural, and political roles of media and its impact on people's perception of the world in order to become more critical users of media and media content.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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