Electric Circuits II - EGR 272 at Northern Virginia Community College


Effective: 2022-01-01

Course Description

Covers sinusoidal steady-state circuit response using phasors, frequency analysis of linear circuits including frequency response, Bode plots, Fourier series analysis, and design of basic filters. Examines Laplace circuit analysis and transfer functions, AC power analysis, nonlinear diode models, and technical writing. Includes laboratory analysis and open-ended design project. Part II of II.
Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
4 credits

The course outline below was developed as part of a statewide standardization process.

General Course Purpose

EGR 272 builds on time-domain knowledge and skills introduced in EGR 271 Electric Circuits I, and develops frequency-domain and transfer function understanding, including application to design work.

Course Prerequisites/Corequisites

Prerequisites: MTH 267 and EGR 271

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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