Introduction to Sociology - SOC 200 at New River Community College

Effective: 2022-03-31

Course Description

Introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of sociology with attention to sociological theory, research methods, and the impact of social inequality. Examines a variety of topics such as culture, race, social class, gender, major social institutions and their role in contemporary society, and the processes of social change. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course.
Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week.
3 credits

The course outline below was developed as part of a statewide standardization process.

General Course Purpose

SOC 200 is a course for students whose college and career paths necessitate knowledge of the organization and operation of the social world. Emphasis is placed on the development of the sociological imagination and the ability to recognize the historical, cultural and institutional forces that shape society and social interactions. In addition, knowledge and application of sociological research methodologies will be used to understand the social world and engage in civic life. Accordingly, students will develop sociological reasoning and research skills to support reasonable conclusions via the following content learning outcomes: sociological imagination, sociological theory, research methods, culture and various social institutions and organization including, but not limited to race/ethnicity, social class, and sex/gender.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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