Health Information Management (HIM) at Patrick Henry Community College

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HIM 106 - International Classification of Diseases I
Introduces International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification Coding I (ICD-9-CM) coding classification system and provides actual coding exercises. NOT INTENDED FOR HIT MAJORS. Prerequisite: HLT 143.
Lecture 2 hours per week.
2 credits
HIM 143 - Managing Electronic Billing in a Medical Practice
Presents practical knowledge on use of computer technology in medical practice management. Develops basic skills in preparation of universal billing claim. Explores insurance claim processing issues.
Lecture 2-3 hours per week.
2-3 credits
HIM 250 - Health Data Classification Systems I
Focuses on the current classification systems used in the healthcare industry. Introduces the professional standards for coding and reporting of inpatient/outpatient diagnostic codes as well as inpatient procedures. Utilizes standards in identifying and accurately assigning codes to diseases and procedures as they relate to statistical research and healthcare financing.
Lecture 3-4 hours per week. Total 3-4 hours per week.
3-4 credits