Safety (SAF) at Rappahannock Community College

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SAF 120 - Safety & Health Standards: Regulations and Codes
Teaches development of safety standards, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), its rules and regulations; penalties for non-compliance, and methods of compliance. Includes an examination of Government Regulatory Codes and appraisal of consensus, advisory, and proprietary standards.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
SAF 126 - Principles of Industrial Safety
Teaches principles and practices of accident prevention, analysis of accident causes, mechanical safeguards, fire prevention, housekeeping, occupational diseases, first aid, safety organization, protection equipment and general safety principles and promotion.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
SAF 127 - Industrial Safety
Provides basic understanding of safety and health in an industrial situation. Includes hazardous materials, substances, conditions, activities and habits as well as the prescribed methods and equipment needed for the apprentice to protect himself/herself and others.
Lecture 2 hours per week.
2 credits
SAF 135 - Safety Program Organization and Administration
Introduces techniques of organizing and administering practical safety programs. Emphasizes safety as a management function. Includes an examination of history, occupational safety and health regulations, and a survey of current laws, codes and standards.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
SAF 199 - Supervised Study
Assigns problems for independent study incorporating previous instruction and supervised by the instructor.
May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits