Major: AAS Degree in Technical Studies at Rappahannock Community College

The Associate of Applied Science in AAS Degree in Technical Studies is part of the Industrial Technology/Technician program at Rappahannock Community College

The AAS in Technical Studies provides flexible alternatives for meeting student and employer needs and features a flexible curriculum designed to meet specific educational and employment goals. Students are required to complete a total of 15 credits of General Education coursework across four areas: Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Mathematics/Natural Science and 1-2 credit(s) of Student Development (SDV). In addition, a student must complete 44-52 credits in Content Skills & Knowledge. The Content Skills & Knowledge requirement is met by completing the appropriate Career Studies Certificate(s) or combination of a Certificate and Career Studies Certificate(s) and/or additional courses for the specific Technical Studies Track. Students must work closely with the program advisor or college navigator in order to complete the correct coursework.

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VCCS Plan Code:718
CIP Code:15.0612

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