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FIN 107 - Personal Finance
Presents a framework of personal money management concepts, including establishing values and goals, determining sources of income, managing income, preparing a budget, developing consumer buying ability, using credit, understanding savings and insurance, providing for adequate retirement, and estate planning.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
FIN 108 - Principles of Securities Investment
Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the security investment process. Reviews the investment strategy associated with various types of stock orders, discusses the Fundamental and Technical approaches to common stock analysis and examines bond and preferred stock pricing mechanisms. Also reviews the unique aspects of derivative security, mutual fund, real estate, and limited partnership investments.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits
FIN 115 - Personal Investments
Examines personal financial investments, money management and risk reward strategies. Covers most widely employed investment instruments, including current information on stocks, bonds, mutuals, real estate, limited partnerships and tax sheltering devices.
Lecture 1-2 hours per week.
1-2 credits
FIN 195 - Topics In
Provides an opportunity to explore topical areas of interest to or needed by students.
May be used also for special honors courses. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.
1-5 credits
FIN 215 - Financial Management
Introduces basic financial management topics including statement analysis, working capital; capital budgeting, and long-term financing. Focuses on Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return techniques, lease vs. buy analysis, and Cost of Capital computations. Uses problems and cases to enhance skills in financial planning and decision making.
Lecture 3 hours per week.
3 credits