MEC 148 - Industrial Pipefitting at Tidewater Community College

Course Description

Effective: 2014-05-01

Covers the fundamentals of industrial piping installation, components, and layout. Considers the types of pipe and fabrication of piping systems, as well as the methods used to connect them.
Credits 2 - 3. Lecture 1 - 2 hours. Lab 2 hours. Total 3 - 4 hours per week.
2-3 credits

General Course Purpose

The course teaches the fundamentals of industrial piping. Students will learn to identify the piping components and the usage of the piping components and layout in industry. The student will be introduced to the different types of pipe, hose and tubing and how to properly install them into various piping schemes. Students will also be taught the methods used to connect the various pipe and components.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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