MTH 154 - Quantitative Reasoning at Tidewater Community College

Course Description

Effective: 2019-08-01

Presents topics in proportional reasoning, modeling, financial literacy and validity studies (logic and set theory). Focuses on the process of taking a real-world situation, identifying the mathematical foundation needed to address the problem, solving the problem and applying what is learned to the original situation. This is a Passport Transfer course.
Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

The Quantitative Reasoning course is organized around big mathematical concepts. The course's nontraditional treatment of content will help students develop conceptual understanding by supporting them in making connections between concepts and applying previously learned material to new contexts. The course will help to prepare students for success in future courses, gain skills for the workplace, and participate as productive citizens in our society. * Encourage students to do mathematics with real data. This includes recognizing the real world often has less than perfect data, ambiguities and multiple possible solutions. It also means equipping students to be intelligent consumers of quantitative data and reports. * Encourage students to engage in productive struggle to learn mathematics and make connections to the world in which they live.

Course Prerequisites/Corequisites

Prerequisites: Competency in MTE 1-5 as demonstrated through placement or unit completion or equivalent or Corequisite: MCR 4: Learning Support for Quantitative Reasoning

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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