ADJ 252 - Counterintelligence Concepts for Law Enforcement and National Security

Course Description

Effective: 2011-05-01

Studies the role national security agencies and law enforcement play in counterintelligence programs to identify and thwart hostile criminal activities against United States citizens, businesses, corporations, and U.S. national interests by foreign governments, organizations, and individuals. Focuses on the role of ethical and moral counterintelligence activities and investigations in a democratic society.
3 CreditsLecture Hours: 3Laboratory Hours: 0Total Contact Hours: 3
3 credits

General Course Purpose

This course is intended for students desiring a broad understanding of the investigative and operational components of counterintelligence operations. Students intending to seek employment in federal investigative agencies, large police departments, or security departments of large corporations will have employment potential enhanced with knowledge of this course content. Likewise, students already employed in these agencies will benefit from increased job advancement possibilities. This course provides a broad overview of the history of counterintelligence, and acquaints the student with an understanding of the four main functions of counterintelligence operations. Discussions, based on open source materials, will show how to identify hostile foreign activities directed against the United States, penetrate and neutralize their operations, and exploit the situation for political and security reasons. Case studies of actual counterintelligence investigations will be utilized to illustrate the four main concepts of counterintelligence operations.

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Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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