BIO 147 - Basic Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology

Course Description

Effective: 2012-08-01

Prepares students to work effectively in a scientific laboratory through instruction of the metric system, scientific notation, exponents, solution making, pH readings, and the creation of standard curves for data analysis. Focus will be on quantitative skills needed to perform most basic laboratory work. Skills will be practiced and reinforced through application-based problems and hands on activities.
Lecture 1 hour. Total 1 hour per week.
1 credits

General Course Purpose

Because entry-level technicians need to have strong quantitative skills, this course is designed to be taken previous to or to accompany BIO 250 Research Method and Skills to allow adequate time for instruction in this area. Such skills include the use of units, calculations, measurements, and conversions. This course will be taken concurrently with BIO 250, Biotechnology Research Methods and Skills, so that students can maximize their laboratory experiences while still learning all of the required basic laboratory calculations. This course is designed for students in the AAS in Biotechnology and the Biotechnology Lab Technician Career Studies Certificate.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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