CAD 150 - Introduction to Game Level Design

Course Description

Effective: 2013-05-01

Introduces advanced animation techniques using motion capture and other specialized equipment to produce production quality animations and presentations with final animation polishing. Uses Industry level film and game capture equipment in addition to post effect software to master production of quality animations used in film, television, game, and architectural visualization.
3 Credits. Lecture 2 hours. Lab 3 hours. Total 5 hours.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

This course will provide a basic foundation for students already familiar with 3D modeling, rendering, and animation and will introduce character development and design. The course will give students skills necessary to advance into a game technology curriculum or to apply visualization to other industries. In addition to driving game assets, students will work with high-end cutting edge motion capture equipment for use in cut scenes as well as film and television. The course will employ green screen technology in addition to CGI post effects software.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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