CHM 129 - Chemistry for a Sustainable World I

Course Description

Effective: 2011-08-01

Studies sustainability and Green Science using a chemical perspective. Explores basic chemical concepts in or of matter, energy, technology, products, practices, toxicity, air, water quality, environment, and public policy issues. Examines renewable, non-renewable energy generation and storage. Studies economical and health benefits of eliminating chemical toxicity and waste. Part I of II
Lecture 3 hours, Laboratory 3 hours, Total 6 hours per week.
4 credits

General Course Purpose

Intended for transfer, this course fulfills the laboratory science requirement and provides education in basic science and laboratory techniques. Introduces the concept of sustainability, also known as Green chemistry. Focusing on the modern challenge of introducing ways to apply chemical knowledge and techniques for less toxic, less waste producing outcomes in the environment requires study of the interrelationships of science, technology, and the human world.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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