ELE 229 - Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Course Description

Effective: 2014-05-01

Introduces techniques of troubleshooting electrical systems and equipment such as motors, relays, power distribution, lighting, solenoids, and generators. Includes hands-on lab practices to develop and perform problem solving skills, repair and preventative maintenance of various types of electrical equipment using wiring diagrams, special meters, various troubleshooting procedures and safety practices.
Credit 3. Lecture 2 hours. Lab 2 hours. Total 4 hours per week.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

This course is intended for the Electrical Technology student to apply their foundational skills in troubleshooting applications. It also provides instruction in interpreting wiring diagrams and the use of special meters to develop a systematic approach to locate faulty components utilizing troubleshooting techniques. Additionally, the course provides practical hands-on instruction to repair/maintain faulty electrical systems for maximum performance.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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