MUS 172 - Beginning Upright Bass

Course Description

Effective: 2011-05-01

An introductory level course on the history of the upright bass, regional musicians, influences, and performance with emphasis on the old time, style found in the central Appalachian region .
Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 2 hours per week.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the traditional, old time style of playing the upright bass in the central Appalachian region with topics including the history of the instrument, regional influences, instrument maintenance and tuning, chording and melody techniques, and basic music theory. Involving students of all ages in the history and performance of old time music of the Appalachians will cleate a better appreciation of traditional culture and this style of music for supporting and preserving the music. Introducing students to regional musicians and music venues will support the economic development of the region through state initiatives such as the Crooked Road, Virginia's Heritage Music Trail. This course is for the Career Studies Certificate in Old Time Music.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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