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NAN 200 - Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
Focuses on nanotechnology imaging and fabrication. Develops proficiency in using nanomaterials laboratory equipment to investigate nanotechnology.
Lecture 3 hours per week. Laboratory 3 hours. 6 hours per week. Prerequisite: NAN 101.
4 credits
NAN 205 - Measurement and Characterization of Nanomaterials
Introduces students to the precision equipment of a nanomaterials laboratory. Develops proficiency in using precision equipment in a nanomaterials laboratory.
Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. 6 hours per week. Prerequisite: NAN 200
4 credits
NAN 208 - Applications of Nanotechnology
Examines the practical applications of nanotechnology in solving real-world problems in biomedicine, energy, polymer science, optics, environmental conservation, and engineering. Prepares students for professional communication with future employers and provides links to internship opportunities with companies in the nanotechnology industry.
Lecture 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: NAN 205
3 credits