RPK 108 - Trail Maintenance and Design II

Course Description

Effective: 2013-05-01

Examines advanced concepts focusing on multi-use and backcountry trails, bridge construction, erosion control and drainage, conservation ethics and surface options. Emphasize blueways, hiking, biking and ATV trails. Covers maintenance strategies for established backcountry and multi-use trails.
3 Credits. Lecture 2 hours per week. Lab 2 hours per week. Total 4 hours per week.
3 credits

General Course Purpose

To provide the student who wants to get involved either as a volunteer or to seek employment in trail building projects with an advanced knowledge and understanding of the many requirements that need to be considered and how to meet and execute these requirements in a knowledgeable and orderly way in order to have a successful project.

Course Objectives

Major Topics to be Included

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