Major: Administration of Justice at Northern Virginia Community College

The Associate of Applied Science in Administration of Justice is part of the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration program at Northern Virginia Community College

The curriculum is designed to provide a broad foundation that will prepare students to enter any of the varied fields in criminal justice or to prepare for professional advancement. Job opportunities for students include local, state, and federal enforcement officers, police officers, private or government investigators, adult/juvenile correction officers, probation/parole officers and counselors, security directors (managers), loss prevention directors, classification managers, and personnel clearance administrators. Most of the ADJ courses in this curriculum are core courses that provide a basic entry-level foundation in both criminal justice and security administration. These courses must be taken by ALL STUDENTS in this program. At several points in the curriculum, course options are provided for selection by the students.

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VCCS Plan Code:4000
CIP Code:43.0103

This Major is offered as