Emergency Medical Technician - Clinical - EMS 120 at Virginia Peninsula Community College

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EMS 120 - Emergency Medical Technician - Clinical
Provides supervised direct patient contact introducing the student to the assessment and emergency care of sick and injured patients.
Laboratory 2 hours. Total 2 hours per week.
This course is a co-requisite for either EMS 111 or EMS 113, depending upon the program in which the student is participating.
1 credits

Schedule at Virginia Peninsula Community College

Class # Section Credits Day Time Start Location Mode
40428 EMS 120-B71H 1
0:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.
2024-06-03 Hampton Campus HY
Class # Section Credits Day Time Start Location Mode
67461 EMS 120-B71H 1
0:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
2024-09-17 Hampton Campus HY
67634 EMS 120-B73W 1
2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m.
2024-09-17 Historic Triangle Campus HY
This a ***HYBRID Online/Face-to-Face*** section. This course will require the student come to campus for part of the instruction time. Students must have regular access to a computer and the Internet to successfully complete this course. Some courses require proctored testing. More information will be provided directly by the instructor. Students can visit https://vpcc.edu/distance/students for information and resources for online students.
Students must enroll in both EMS 111 and 120 during the same semester. EMS 120 requires completion of clinical experience at local healthcare facilities. ***The scheduled time slot for EMS 120 does not reflect the time students are supposed to attend.*** The scheduled time serves as a placeholder; students will work with their instructors to schedule their clinical and field shifts. This course/program utilizes electronic textbooks and educational software programs. Students must have regular access to a computer (available in campus libraries). The book package costs $362.75 and can only be obtained through the Virginia Peninsula Community College Bookstore. Students desiring to add a hard copy textbook to their package may be able to do so through the Virginia Peninsula Community College Bookstore for an additional $24.10, while supplies last. Students are responsible for all costs associated with clinical experience to include a drug screen ($38), uniform ($77.95) and name tag ($36.75), physical examination and immunizations (cost varies depending upon insurance, provider, etc.), and transportation to clinical facilities. Clinical dates, times, and instructors are subject to change due to clinical site and instructor availability. Prior to the first class session, students are encouraged to acquire copies of all their immunization records. Requirements for the physical examination and criminal background check will be discussed during the first class session or students may access the program handbook, required forms, and medical physical packet at www.vpcc.edu/fire-ems/information-resources
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