Major: Career Studies Certificate in Industrial Technology Management at Eastern Shore Community College

The Career Studies Certificate in Career Studies Certificate in Industrial Technology Management is part of the Industrial Production Technologies/Technicians, Other program at Eastern Shore Community College

The Industrial Technologies Management Career Studies Certificate is designed to meet industry needs by preparing incumbent power-line workers to take the logical career next-steps into leadership positions. The program prepares completer to prepare documents and presentations using technical writing skills and correct mathematical calculations that include best practices in safety and quality assurance. Our program emphasizes leadership development, strategic planning,and resource management to empower graduates to lead teams of technicians effectively, optimize resources, and achieve project objectives within budgetary constraints. Students will also learn to foster positive relationships with stakeholders to ensure the safety and reliability of power-line systems while meeting the needs of clients and the broader community.
At the heart of our program is a commitment to continuous improvement and professional development. Graduates will emerge with a strong foundation in powerline management practices, coupled with a lifelong learning mindset, enabling them to adapt to evolving industry demands, embrace emerging technologies,and advance their careers as respected leaders in the dynamic field of power-line management.

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VCCS Plan Code:221-990-47
CIP Code:15.0699

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